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User information
We do not disclose user specific information to any third parties.
If we handle your credit card, checking account, or other account number, we normally retain only the last four digits to allow our customers to reconcile their personal accounts. We retain, in encrypted format, the entire number when requested, such as for subscription or auto-payment services.
Cookies are the web vernacular for a small amount of text that is sent by a web server to your browser that your browser will send back in future requests to the server. They come in two basic types, file based and session based. File based cookies are stored as files on your computer and can last for months or years. Session cookies exist only until you close your browser and are not stored in files.
Session cookies are required to allow the server to keep up with things like shopping carts and signed in users.  We use session cookies.
File base cookies are frequently used by advertisers to allow accumulation of sites viewed and buying habits of individuals. We do not employ this technique.
We use file based cookie for optional saving of your email address for signing in.  It is typically only available to the sign in page.
Web Beacons / Web Bugs / Invisible GIFs
We do not implement Web Beacons.
Web Beacons are known by many names including Web Bugs, Invisible GIFs, 1x1 GIFs, etc. They are typically placed on a web page or email to monitor viewing. Frequently this is done for advertizing purposed to allow the advertiser to know when a page or email was viewed.
Privacy concerns have been raised about the use of Web Beacons. We do not monitor the viewing of our sites or emails.


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