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As the November Election approaches, I would like to again thank those of you who were supportive of my candidacy. Many of you contributed your time, your talents, and your funds in an effort to restore to our nation those fundamental values of faith, family and freedom that the Founding Fathers so wisely procured for us. Over the years, so many have fought and died to establish and protect freedom in our nation. The effort to run for office seems so trivial in comparison. However, not to run would have said that the sacrifices of those that paid the ultimate price for our freedom were in vain.

As a former Republican candidate for the US House of Representatives in the 12th district of North Carolina, I am often asked if I endorse the winner of the primary. My answer is a resounding NO. I am committed to put principle before party. Given the choice between the three remaining candidates, I will be voting for Michael Smith, the Libertarian.

Let me quickly dispel the idea that I am simply a "sore loser." It should be noted that I was not a close second, but a distant sixth in a field of six. 514 people voted for me, and I am honored that those people believed strongly enough that I was the best person for the job. If Jim Cohen, the person who did come in a close second, had won, I would have heartily endorsed him and been a willing worker in his campaign.

For those of us who have the values of a Christian, conservative, or Constitutionalist, our choice is between the incumbent, who is a wolf in wolf’s clothing, the Republican, who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and the Libertarian, whose general platform we can embrace.

Many argue that it would be better to vote for the Republican than to allow the incumbent, arguably the most liberal in Congress, to remain in office. I do not believe it is worth the marginal improvement we would achieve by electing the Republican nominee. Once elected, it would be virtually impossible to remove him in subsequent election with a candidate of merit.

Others argue that voting for a third party candidate is a wasted vote. It may be a vote against the odds, but it is in no way wasted. A vote from conviction, a vote for the best candidate in the field, is the only vote worth casting. All other votes are votes of compromise which, as history repeatedly shows, leads to tyranny.

I would urge all those who share one or more of the following values to vote for the Libertarian candidate.

  1.  Christian faith

  2.  Conservative principles

  3.  Constitutional government

  4.  Pro-Life

  5.  Pro-Second Amendment

  6.  The values represented by the Republican Party platform

This is not a question of whose team will win, but what values our nation will hold. Do NOT hold your nose and vote Republican. Instead, be able to walk out of the voting booth with a clear conscience. Vote for Michael Smith. May the Lord show his mercy to our nation!


in Word and Deed

John Kozlowski, with his four children:

ErikaLeigh (left, 7)

Joey (top, 5½)

Tirzah (right, 2¾)

Julia (front, 4 weeks)

Picture taken on May 26, 1998, by Dorothy-Jane (Mommy)

A Solid Christian Conservative
End federal meddling in public education
Punish criminals, not their victims
Outlaw partial-birth abortion
Stop the coddling of Communist China
End federal funding of obscene art
Dramatically reduce the size of government
Restore 2nd Amendment rights
John lives a lifestyle that underscores his political philosophy.
He is:
Pro-Life (former 9 year board member of Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center)
Pro-Family (married eight years with four children)
Homeschool parent (understands the value of parental choice)
Business owner (knows the impact of taxes and regulation)
Debt-free (expects the same of the government)
“He was a pro-life, pro-family, conservative long before he became a candidate.”

The Republican Party was formed as a party of principle.  Today, politics has replaced statesmanship.  We must recapture the courage of our convictions and stand again as statesman.

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